Fearless Living

„Fearless Living“ heißt das Buch des belgischen Innenarchitekten Jean-Philippe Demeyer. Es ist ein Kunstwerk geworden. Schwer, pompös und gefüllt mit ausdruckstarken Bildern, die halten, was der Titel verspricht. Jean-Philippe Demeyer verrät im Interview, was „Fearless Living“ für ihn bedeutet.

Jean-Philippe Demeyer liebt es nicht nur, für Geschäftskunden und Privatkunden Interiorträume zu kreieren, sondern der belgische Innenarchitekt und Antiquitätenhändler lebt selbst in so einem Traum. Auf seinem Schloß aus dem 13. Jahrhundert betreibt er zusammen mit seinen zwei Partnern seine Designfirma. Jetzt hat er in seinem wunderschönen Interiorbuch Fearless Living seine bisherigen Entwürfe veröffentlicht. Nach der Lektüre des Buches habe ich ihn direkt kontaktiert und er war so nett, mir ein paar Fragen zu beantworten.

Interview mit Jean-Philippe Demeyer

Your book is called „Fearless Living“. Is it your attitude in life in general? 

Haha yes I try to , everybody should, but it’s not the psychological „F L“ I meant but the aesthetically … assume your choices … The funny thing is that in daily life I am NOT fearless, on the contrary …but once I can switch my mind to the world of interiors, gardens, houses and places I become absolutely fearless …..

What do you want to teach us with „Fearless Living“ in relation to Interiors? Do we need to be more fearless?

Nobody needs to be anything for me,.. it’s not a religion interior decorating…. But yes ! I miss  fearlessness nowadays in interiors, it seems that people today go for white walls, a grey L-shaped sofa with anthracite  cushions, an open plan kitchen in …grey again…and some characterless modern art on the walls….on the much to big coffee table the obligatory  book on modern photography ……I do not life in that world…. I remember my grandmother having a „real“ interior with JUST the things SHE liked…. ugly or not it is of no importance…..never ever she would copy her neighbours living room or open plan kitchen ….I life in a world where people dare to choose something, dare to choose a colour , dare to choose a style, dare to choose a concept , dare to choose just simply what they like …..Being fearless for me is in essence being ABLE TO CHOOSE, if you want a english green drawing room you just do it ….!. ….we live in the what I call the „choice-stressed-people-world“: too much choice paralyses and gives at the end NO choice at all …so people go for white and grey..(I like white to, but as a balance factor) ….I do not want to leave my phantasy world … 

What do you love about being an Interior Designer?

Choosing themes for a room , a garden or the exterior of a house is what I love, ….. I need themes everywhere …It gives me structure and I need that, within that structure I work fearlessly and limit my choices … anything can serve as a theme, some picture I saw, a souvenir of a garden, a monument I visited, a piece af antique or vintage furniture, a painting, fashion, the house itself, phantasy never stops, I need 10 000 years to realise all the ideas ….

You are from Belgium, where hiring an Interior Designer for residential projects is quite common. Not so much in Germany. Have you had German clients?

I don’t think there is a lot of difference , I think it’s not so common in Europe , we live surrounded by good taste so anybody is a little bit decorator by education …..  ….there is such thing as good taste but this knowledge disappears….. Europe is the old continent , a splendid place for inspiration ! Our work is a real job, it’s serious, it’s a profession, we don’t fool around or make choices while drinking coffee or champagne with the owners …. It’s not a spielerei 🙂 ….. 

Do you think there is a German Interior preference or style, except Bauhaus?

Germany made absolutely beautiful things, not only bauhaus , think of the baroque , gothic , meissen , spectacular wellenschranken , etc etc …….preference no I don’t know that ….. but anyway, Bauhaus is so inspiring, and you can go on forever with bauhaus themes,  it is a mix between old and new, with charm and cosiness ! unique these days !

Who is your dream client?

haha the one million dollar question ;A „free“ man or woman , people who want to create a dream, a gesamtkunstwerk, a folly.people who dare to go for it,and can let go , giving me the outlines : the dos and don’ts and they disappear for a year 🙂 I will work day and night to create wonderland for them 

Thank you very much !

Eine kleine Bilderauswahl aus dem Buch

Das ist nur eine kleine Auswahl aus dem Buch, denn es enthält sagenhafte 215(!) Fotos. Der Einband ist wunderschön und macht es zum wahren Hingucker im Bücherregal.

Es ist in ausgewählten Stores in Europa erhältlich und auf der Website von Jean-Philippe Demeyer. Dort findet Ihr auch die Shopadressen.

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